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Tai Chi is a centuries old Chinese practice designed to exercise mind and body through a series, of slow, gentle, flowing movements, is generally safe for all ages and fitness levels and is unique in that it originated from a Martial Art.. Some of the reported benefits of Tai Chi are better balance, strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity.

Today, with the ever extending life span of the adult population, falls are the leading cause of injury or death among older adults. Statistically 1 in 3 people age 65 and over fall each year and 1 in 2 people by the age of 80. All of the above gives good reason for you to take a little time to find out more about Tai Chi.

Tai Chi                             Tai Chi                        Tai Chi
Falls Prevention            Mood & Depression        Chronic Pain    

                            What Will You Learn?
                            Balance Skills
                            Coordinated movements in a circular and flowing motion

What are some other reported benefits of Tai Chi?                            
Better and longer sleep                                     
Reduced arthritis symptoms                             
Lowered blood pressure                                    
Reduced anxiety                                                
Reduced depression                                          

Private / Group Classes , Corporate and Promotional Events by arrangement

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