JOHN McKINNEY           
Certificated Instructor             

Instructor John McKinney, in addition to being certified by the Oregon Health Authority, holds teaching certification in Tai Chi for Arthritis, Yang Style Long FormTai Chi from the Tung Family and has gained a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, with an emphasis on contemplative teaching, from PSU. John, now in his 30th year of Tai Chi, teaches throughout the Portland Area including Mirabella on the South Waterfront, OHSU, The Courtyard at Mt. Tabor, Mittleman Community Center, SE Multicultural Center and Holladay Park. John is currently seeking certification as a Falls Prevention Specialist.

Tai Chi is a centuries old Chinese practice designed to exercise mind and body through a series, of slow, gentle, flowing movements, is generally safe for all ages and fitness levels and is unique in that it originated from a Martial Art..Today, as a result of work carried out by members of the Oregon Research Institute, Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance (TCMBB) has been developed using eight graceful, easy to learn postures. Research has shown that people who complete the 12 week TCMBB program are half as likely to fall and are less fearful about falling.

Tai Chi is recommended by the Oregon Health Authority, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Geriatric Society and the British Geriatric Society as a fall prevention exercise program for older adults. Tai Chi is an evidence-based, community-deliverable, and rehabilitation-applicable class.

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What Will You Learn?
￿ Balance Skills
￿ Coordinated movements in a circular and flowing motion

What are some other reported benefits of Tai Chi?                            
￿ Better and longer sleep                                     
￿ Reduced arthritis symptoms                             
￿ Lowered blood pressure                                    
￿ Reduced anxiety                                                
￿ Reduced depression                                          

Group Classes , Corporate and Promotional Events by arrangement

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